Zune phone really in the works at Microsoft?


ZuneThe success of the iPhone, both the original and the recently released 3G model, has fueled rumors that Microsoft is working internally on a similar phone built on the Zune audio player.  The Zune player has failed to compete against the iPod family as grandly perhaps as Microsoft wished but perhaps the folks in Redmond believe a phone version might change that.

We have totally unconfirmed information from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous that Microsoft is indeed working on a Zune phone.  This source had information about a meeting this week in Redmond that was planning a Zune phone to compete with the iPhone.  According to this information the Zune phone will be based on a specialized variant of Windows Mobile 7 and key functionality will be centered around WIndows Live Services.  On the hardware side the ZunePhone would be touch-screen based using multi-touch (surprise) but other than that not much is known.

This is definitely to be considered a rumor until Microsoft is forthcoming about the ZunePhone but this sounded credible to us and worth sharing.  According to our information this meeting is the first one at Microsoft held with all of the various divisions in attendance to make the phone a real product.  One thing is certain, Microsoft has all of the proper affiliations with phone manufacturers and carriers around the world so if they get serious about the phone they could easily bring this to market.  The timing of this alleged meeting is interesting as it coincides with reports of big shakeups in the Windows infrastructure at Microsoft.  As with all rumors take this one with a grain of salt.



“If have to hand it to them, Microsoft does not give up very easily.”

or as ballmer likes to say “We just keep coming and coming and…”.

translation: we’ll buy our way into any market.

name another company, one will do, that can afford to keep products out there losing billions and billions of dollars (xbox? anyone? zune? anyone? msn? anyone?).

they don’t compete in the free market. they buy into it. were it not for windows and office cash cows there would never have been an xbox2 or zune2 or msn.

break up this company already then let’s see how long their “innovations” last.

tutto bene

Balmer also said, “Search is ripe for innovation,” when discussing abandoning Yahoo and romancing Facebook. He plans on investing in Facebook even more and allowing F. to use MS search to fu-k up both companies even more.

In any case, if he thinks that search is ripe for innovation, it’s like G. W. Bush saying, “We are addicted to oil” and then not getting off of addiction but instead getting more addicted by wanting to drill offshore.

Bush does not want to get unaddicted just like Balmer does not want to be innovative.


It’s like sending a cow into a warehouse full of glass artifacts.

Microsoft: wow.

ZunePhone? Will that come in brown too? I know at least a dozen people looking for a brown MP3 Player, can you imagine the hit they would have if they brought the look of fudge to a phone? I can see the lines wrapping around NYC blocks right now.

Foobar MacFoo

Say goodbye, all you Windows Mobile phone makers. Remember Plays for Sure?


To compete they should make an Android play. Let the Zune code run on multiple devices/platforms like Windows Mobile does.

Strike against Android AND iPhone all at once…pole vault for Windows Mobile AND Zune.

Adam Stafford

They really need to work on some new ideas. A lifetime of plagiarism and competing with technology that’s already out their does not bring them to the forefront of creating, developing and most of all contributing to the future of technology. This just creates a stagnant period of nothing new. But I want a Zune phone when it comes out either way. Jsut make sure it’s unlocked, can’t stand the iPhone being locked to a provider.



it was pretty much obvious since the day they bought Danger…


It’s a shame, in my opinion, that Zune has failed to genuinely compete with the iPod. I like the newest software version considerably better (2.0 was bad, 2.5 is great), and the hardware is generally more friendly.

That said, I would expect an announcement that the Zune software is coming to Windows Mobile-based phones long before any branded hardware comes out.

And yes, Microsoft doesn’t give up until they get it right. Once they get it right, they don’t let go.


If have to hand it to them, Microsoft does not give up very easily.


MSFT is a very large company. OF COURSE they are talking about the possibility of a Zune or whatever phone. They have produced a mobile platform for many years – with Windows Medio Player that syncs just fine. Obviously they would be discussing the viability of a more consumer centric platform… Sigh…

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