T. Boone Pickens: Throw Me a House Party!


Even at 80 years of age, the former oil magnate that’s building the world’s largest wind farm, T.Boone Pickens, still seems like a party guy. Between launching a plan to kick the U.S.’s addiction to oil, buying up wind farmland in Texas, and testifying before Congress, we bet he makes a mean guacamole. And Pickens actually wants you to throw house parties in celebration of his Pickens Plan this weekend.

Weird, but true. In an email to Pickens Plan supporters this week, Pickens writes: “I’m issuing a Call to Action and asking people to hold a Pickens Plan House Party this weekend, July 25-27.”

I would appreciate it if you’d invite your friends, family, and neighbors into your home for a conversation about the Pickens Plan, and for you to lead a discussion about what steps we can take to encourage our nation’s leaders to take action in breaking our addiction to foreign oil.

Sounds like a Tupperware party for energy geeks…um, minus the Tupperware. Actually we recently chatted with Pickens Plan PR, campaign organizer Joey Mornin, and he said the house party events are meant to follow the model of grass roots political meetups.

While you might feel Pickens is being a little needy by dipping into your weekend private life, he has tried to keep the bar low with his demands. As he says:

Even if you can get just 5 friends together for a half-hour chat and get them to sign-up for Push.PickensPlan.com, that’s a big victory for the campaign. And if you need to host your house party another night, or would like to host it at a restaurant or some other location, that’s fine too.

Whew, that’s a relief. Pickens also wants you to document your parties and show him your photos. If anyone throws one of these in the Bay Area, invite us! We just wonder if the campaign knows that the term “house party” brings to mind those parents-are-out-of-town bashes from high school, as well as an image of an early 90’s Kid-N-Play.


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