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Run Quicktime Full Screen on a Secondary Display

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I have a 32″ Westinghouse HDTV sitting right next to my computer which I often hook up to use as a secondary monitor or an external display. Up until now I had no idea how to make Quicktime full screen on it while using it as a secondary display.

Make Quicktime full screen while on a secondary display:

  1. Hook up external display
  2. Launch Quicktime Pro and open the preferences section
  3. In the “Full Screen” tab simply drag the Quicktime logo to the screen you want to be able to do full screen.

19 Responses to “Run Quicktime Full Screen on a Secondary Display”

  1. Thanks a lot, I don’t know why but It was affecting to another program, modul8, where Fullscreen is basic to work with it…
    Sorry for my English!!!

    Thanks again


  2. For those asking how to work on the primary display while the secondary display is in full screen: go to your preferences and select the full screen tab. The very bottom option says “Remain in full screen when player is inactive”.

    If that box is checked, when you make Quicktime inactive (IE clicking somewhere else or typing in the primary), it will remain in full screen on the secondary display. =)

  3. AlexPN

    One question:

    I’ve got an iMac 24″ connected to a HD projector (82″ aprox). When I watch a movie, how can I switch off the iMac’s screen? I just want the projector to work, not the iMac’s display. Thanks.

  4. Perfect timing for this post. I just picked up 2 22inch monitors from staples for $199 each and am in the middle of doing this now. I have the 2 monitors with 3 windows on one with a movie on the other. Yup just drag the movie where you want to watch it, CPU’s getting a little warm though.

  5. well you can work on the first display….i always do that and it works just nicely.

    however, what you can also try to watch it on another display is to press shift-cmd-f instead of just cmd-f. that’ll pop up the options where you can select the display as well.

  6. The problem is, as soon as you click anything on the first display Quicktime kicks you out of full screen mode. So you can’t work in one monitor and watch full screen on the second monitor.