Playcrafter: Social Web Game Platform With Physics


Bay Area startup ZipZapPlay launched the latest entry in the quickly growing build-and-share-your-own-game space in alpha this week, a service by the name of Playcrafter.

ZipZapPlay CEO Curt Bererton and Chief Creative Officer Mathilde Pignol stopped by the GigaOM office recently to give us a hands-on demo, and what impressed Om and I most was the site’s whimsical beauty. That’s no surprise, as Pignol is an alum of frog design. It offers up a large set of interlocking objects with which to create your games (platforms, widgets, and so on), all of which are designed to work together, then attributes game properties to them. (Think Lego Mindstorms, but for web games.)

I particularly liked the intuitive feel of the building experience, and the robustness of its internal physics — an element that should appeal to all the hundreds of thousands of gamers who embraced Line Rider. Since showing it to us, they’ve added the ability to embed Playcrafter games on blogs and social networks. Even more appealing, they’re sharing revenue with game creators, giving them a cut of revenue earned from ads that are run while games load.

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Mathilde Pignol

Thanks for the kind words, James!

Although Josh Wagner, our Senior Concept Artist, should really get the credit for PlayCrafter looking so good. I am but the interaction designer (so I’ll take credit for the “intuitive feel of the building experience” ;-)…)

Simon Newstead

Nice idea, and well implemented – very simple and intuitive to get up and running creating games. I’d love to see how this could be extended further to platform side scrollers, action etc

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