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Google's Plug-In Study Finds As High As 93 MPG

Google’s got a handful of plug-in electric hybrids that it’s been testing on the roads for over a year now through its employee car-share program. But since many Googlers just take the cars out for a local spin, the search engine giant recently decided to complete a 7-week test of its plug-is in real world driving conditions. Now, nicely timed for the Plug-In 2008 conference this week, Google says its plug-ins “did great” and achieved as high as 93 MPG across all trips and 115 MPG for city trips.

That 90+ MPG was specifically for the plug-in Prius. The Ford Escape plug-in and the non plug-in Prius fare about half as well. See the comparison graph below to see how the contenders stacked up.

Google is already investing $10 million into its RechargeIT plug-in vehicle program, and told us recently that the company plans to make investments into green cars this summer through the plug-in program. The Google RechargeIT team also made this short video clip to explain what their 7-week drive test was all about:

5 Responses to “Google's Plug-In Study Finds As High As 93 MPG”

  1. Google may be using some form of mpg equivalent for the electric only portion. As an eg. the EPA’s formula gives electric cars a reward for the economic benefits of not using gas and they show some EV’s as having mpg equivalents of up to 300 mpg.

  2. @Tyler
    exactly! the report needs to compare carbon emissions of gasoline consumed by ICE versus coal used to generate the electricity by the plug-in’s

  3. The MPG figures are misleading because they don’t incorporate the energy used from electricity. When I drove a plug-in for a week, I could get 400 MPG because the engine hardly ever kicked in, but obviously I used a lot of juice from the battery. There’s got to be a way to blend the electricity use and gas use to come up with an MPG-equivalent measurement. For example, you can’t use MPG with an all-electric car, so how to you compare mileage of an all-electric to that of a plug-in?