Google's Plug-In Study Finds As High As 93 MPG

Google’s got a handful of plug-in electric hybrids that it’s been testing on the roads for over a year now through its employee car-share program. But since many Googlers just take the cars out for a local spin, the search engine giant recently decided to complete a 7-week test of its plug-is in real world driving conditions. Now, nicely timed for the Plug-In 2008 conference this week, Google says its plug-ins “did great” and achieved as high as 93 MPG across all trips and 115 MPG for city trips.

That 90+ MPG was specifically for the plug-in Prius. The Ford Escape plug-in and the non plug-in Prius fare about half as well. See the comparison graph below to see how the contenders stacked up.

Google is already investing $10 million into its RechargeIT plug-in vehicle program, and told us recently that the company plans to make investments into green cars this summer through the plug-in program. The Google RechargeIT team also made this short video clip to explain what their 7-week drive test was all about:


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