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Firefox 3.0.1 Portable Edition–a USB Key Must-Have

If you’ve been using the new version 3 of Firefox and liking its speed and new features, you may want to look into Firefox, Portable Edition. The portable editions of Firefox have been “perennial favorites,” as this 2007 post from our mobile-savvy sister blog posters at jkOnThe Run noted about the previous version. Firefox version 3.0.1 is now out in a portable edition and downloadable here.

Firefox 3.0.1 Portable Edition is an 8MB version that you can download and put onto a USB key. It will preserve the bookmarks, extensions and passwords that you use, and once it’s on a USB key, you can use Firefox, with all your usual preferences, from any computer.

The Portable Edition of Firefox unites a Launcher with Firefox. I’ve written about before here. It’s a site that offers a free download that can put tons of open source and freeware applications on your USB key–very handy to have. Firefox has long been one of the portable applications the download offers, along with open source favorites such as AbiWord and other Mozilla applications. also has a nice archive of support for the Portable Edition of Firefox here. You’ll find instructions for installation, copying your local Firefox preferences, and using your favorite extensions. With USB keys growing rapidly in capacity and dropping in price-per-gigabyte, there’s no reason not to keep your favorite applications in your pocket, tuned the way you like them.

9 Responses to “Firefox 3.0.1 Portable Edition–a USB Key Must-Have”

  1. Javad from Iran

    I had problems with this, it was really slow, almost unusable when I tried to open new tabs. It freezed for some seconds and then was usable. Since I am used to switch between tabs, open new tabs, … , it was useless for me. Now I use portable opera, however, it does not fulfil waht I need.

  2. @Rolltimer: Our policy at WWD is to mention platform support any time we’re writing about a client-side application; I’m sorry this post slipped through the cracks without that information. As you suggest, PortableApps is indeed Windows-only at this point.

    If you’re looking for an OS X portable Firefox, there’s one at . I’m not aware of anyone who’s done similar packaging for Linux yet.

  3. Rolltimer


    Take a tip from Lifehacker–when you post about a great app, say that it is Windows only or whether it has support for other platforms. Don’t assume all your readers just lap the Windows kool-aid.

  4. I have been using the portable version over 18 months now. All is I can say, it has revolutionised by surfing habit. It is simply amazing to carry your browser and installed extension on a USB stick. I love it!

  5. Just an FYI, if you were using the 3.0.0 version of Firefox, you can upgrade to the latest version using Firefox’s built in upgrader without any issues.

    I unnecessarily put off the upgrade for a few days because I wasn’t sure, but I gave up and decided to let it upgrade. It worked fine.

    So those of you running 3.0.0 because you don’t want to copy your profile etc, around, you don’t need to keep putting it off.