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Andy Grove Wants 10 Million Plug-In Vehicles in 4 Years

Andy Grove, the former chairman of Intel turned plug-in vehicle advocate, challenged the attendees of the Plug-In 2008 conference on Tuesday to put 10 million plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on the roads in four years. Those plug-ins should be retrofitted from vehicles with poor mileage like SUVs, pickups and minivans, he said.

Grove called on the auto industry, Detroit giants and Silicon Valley startups to form an inter-industry task force to achieve this goal. He said the auto industry has much to learn from the Internet world and thinks that it is critical to foster the same atmosphere of collaborative competition that helped Internet development boom over the last 15 years.

For the full story, and a video of Grove’s presentation, head over to Earth2Tech.

One Response to “Andy Grove Wants 10 Million Plug-In Vehicles in 4 Years”

  1. Steven Choat

    I have read about someone who removed the gas motor from their hybrid and put in a semi truck generator and doesn’t have to charge the car. According to what I read, the person has been running their vehicle like that for 70,000 miles. Delco has a 130 Amp 24 Volt generator, a prius runs at 18 Volts I think. The generator should be able to generate 195 Amps, at least 170-180 with some loss which should be enough to charge the car indefinitely.