@ EconCeleb: Harvey Levin: ‘We Don’t Want To Be A Red Carpet’

As managing editor of TMZ.com, Harvey Levin can be a celeb’s best friend or worst nightmare — not that he’s trying to be either. That’s coming through loud and clear in our second keynote Q&A of the afternoon here at EconCeleb. Interviewer Charlie Koones, former president and publisher of Variety and former board member of our parent company ContentNext Media, put it bluntly from the start when he asked: “It seems like you one day said, ‘Screw it. I’m not playing that game. Is that an accurate portrayal?” Levin was just as blunt: “Yes.”

He explained the thinking behind the WB-AOL (NYSE: TWX) joint venture that borrows some of its psychology from his previous show Celebrity Justice: “If a publicist was pissed at a celebrity show, they could get the story pulled by saying you’re never going to get on again if you run this story. … (I decided) we can do an honest show and not be beholden to anybody. We’re going to be really honest and tell real stories. … It’s not as if we don


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