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@ EconCeleb: Bonnie Fuller: Celeb Content ‘May Be Even More Successful Than P*rn’

EconCeleb: Swisher & FullerWe’re kicking off the afternoon with a chatty keynote interview by Kara Swisher of All Things D with Bonnie Fuller, most recently EVP and chief editorial director of American Media, Inc. and now the head of a self-named digital startup. For a little context on how serious Fuller takes celeb content, when Swisher suggested something might be doing better online, she quickly replied: “It may even be more successful than porn at this point.” (I was going to suggest that celeb content is the gift that keeps on giving for Fuller but really it wouldn’t exist as we know it without her work so can’t call it a gift. Then again, Britney Spears might as well come with a bow.)

Fuller’s new venture — she’s coy about scope and funding just now — will start in the digital realm. She’s particularly intrigued by the potential for interaction: “I want to be able to not just connect