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YuMe Breaks into Top 10 Ad Networks

On the strength of its recent Microsoft deal, YuMe, the Redwood City, Calif.-based video ad provider, entered comScore’s ranking of the top ten U.S. online ad networks for the first time. YuMe had the highest rank for a video ad network.

YuMe controlled ad inventory on sites with 134 million unique users in June, putting it in eighth place behind overall advertising leaders Platform-A (AOL), Yahoo, and Google. Video ad competitor Tremor Media comes in at No. 18 with 101 million uniques, while YouTube places 32 with 65 million uniques.

Besides getting access to Microsoft’s unsold video inventory as of last month, YuMe also recently added Demand Media and as publishers.

YuMe also said in an emailed release it had struck a deal to take advertising feeds from, which strikes me as a little weird since competitor — though it has changed strategies lately — is led by co-founder Amir Ashkenazi. But I’m not sure of the intricacies of those relationships.

9 Responses to “YuMe Breaks into Top 10 Ad Networks”

  1. Yume is so gaming comscore, to show their coverage is much bigger than it actually is. It’s like saying if I buy an ad impression on a publisher (JUST one ad), I get to count ALL of the publishers video and non-video traffic. Maybe they are counting on advertisers being stupid enough to fall for that.

  2. In the spirit of full disclosure, I work for YuMe, but wanted to clarify why we are using MediaMetrix. Unfortunately, right now there is not a great solution in the marketplace for measuring video ad networks. We are currently not publicly reported in VideoMetrix because this measures streamed content, which we don’t do. We only serve ads into video content for publishers that have joined our Network. comScore is working on a better ad network solution in VideoMetrix, but this is not yet available. The other key thing to note is that the MediaMetrix Ad Focus report is focused on a network’s potential reach and even though our primary focus is on serving ads into video, we also serve in-banner video ads, so this report is actually a good proxy for our network’s potential reach.

  3. Anonymous

    @liz my point was that Yume does not serve display ads (which the MediaMetrix report is used to gauge). They serve ads into video streams only. Using a metric such as page views to gauge video views is a pretty odd method. As I said, Comscore has another report which is called VideoMetrix which is where you would expect Yume to be showing up. You would also expect them to be using the numbers from there to estimate the audience size. What the page views of the sites in their network has to do with video views is the question you should have been asking before you published.

  4. Sure would be nice to see one of these big video advertising networks sell ads on RSS / QuickTime instead of just flash.

    Maybe that will happen now that there are so many iPhones in the marketplace.

  5. Anonymous

    Does Yume even sell display advertising? This number is from a Comscore Mediametrix report which is intended to measure page or ad impressions. Yume is a video only ad network though that does not sell in page advertising. Rather misleading dont you think? A better number to look at for Yume might be in the Comscore VideoMetrix product.

    I am surprised that NewTeeVee is adding to the confusion by passing the information with no investigation or analysis.