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WordPress launched an iPhone app for posting blog entries right from your device. With my Mac out of commission yet-again, I thought a good test would be a TAB post using only the client.

I used my 1st gen iPhone and the EDGE network to grab the app from the mobile version of the app store. It downloaded and installed very quickly and I was set to go in less than 3 minutes. The app enabled you to setup multiple WP blogs and only needs your site URL and credentials. It then sucks down all your customized settings for posts (quickly, even over EDGE) and lets you start blogging right away. The “Write” screen makes quick work of title, keyword and category entries (very well done interface) and you have the option of saving to local drafts or posting to your site.

Typing a full blog post on the iPhone is no small feat (esp. if you have large fingers) and I was disappointed that there was no option to rotate the display to take advantage of the larger width keyboard.

It does let you embed photos/pictures from your iPhone library (and lets you take one right from the app) – we’ll see how the Seattle library photo looks that I just took and attached.

The app also lets you preview posts in your site template and gives you the option to password protect it.

The WordPress folks obviously spent a great deal of time and energy working on the interface and functionality. While the iPhone autocorrect can make some typing annoying, my overall first impressions are very good. It did crash once on me, but most developers are quick to blame OS 2.0 for bugs.

If you give the app a try, let TAB readers know how it worked for your configuration by dropping a note in the comments.

This whole post was created solely on the iPhone except for the WordPress logo and interface screenshot.




I would have loved for it to have some comment action. Approving and marking comments as spam is one of the biggest chores of running a blog and iPhone would have made it very simple and effortless. I mean, what better than to approve comments while waiting in the doctor’s lounge?!


Gotta say, I’m rather impressed with the WordPress client for iPhone – it’s fast, stable (so far!!) and photo uploads work a treat. For a first release it’s very impressive.


I would rate this application as “shows promise”. I wrote a post without too much fuss, fired into Mobile Safari to view the result and noticed a spelling mistake.

So I edited the post on the iPhone again and went back to Safari to find the corrected post, plus another post (below it on the page) with a title of $$title$$, category of $$categories$$ and text of $$content$$. Oops!

At least I was able, in the iPhone, to set that post to private.

Also, I cannot preview my (self-hosted) blog in the app – I have to post it and then go to Safari. But that’s not a big issue once I trust it.


Seems to work fine for me. I also installed the wpTouch plug-in to format my site for the iPhone and it seems to be working fine also.

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