Technorati's Authority Rankings: Tops for Timeliness

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Most of us rely on Google when we want to search for information, but standard Google searches don’t always return the most timely information. Blogs, of course, are excellent at delivering timely information, and you can easily set Google to search blogs only (select Blogs from the “more” drop-down menu at Google’s home page). However, when searching for technology-related, very timely information, I still prefer Technorati’s blog searching.

Atop Technorati’s home page, next to the search field, there is an “advanced” option. If you click on it, you get a set of options for searching blogs with quite a bit of precision.

Technorati’s Advanced Search lets you search for posts containing all of the words, the exact phrase, at least one of the words, or none of the words in a search string. You can also use a toggle to search all blogs, or choose to search only blogs about, say, technology.

In Technorati’s blog search, you can drill down to the blog posts getting the most links, view top searches from others, and more. Technorati also assigns a useful Authority ranking to blog posts (based on the number of links that posts are getting), which gives you a solid sense–before you look at a post–of whether it may be relevant to you.

As an example from today, I entered the search phrase “metered broadband” into Technorati’s Advanced Search module and specifed that I wanted posts with all of the terms in my phrase returned. Today’s good post on our parent site GigaOm on this topic was at the top of my list of results, with an Authority ranking of 5,312–a much higher ranking than the other posts returned. But I got a broad selection of related posts, too.

Most importantly, the results I got back for this timely topic were much more timely and more accurate than what I got searching for the same terms in Google. I am a big fan of the tabula rasa interface that Google tries for most of the time, but for tech-related searching–especially blog searching–Technorati gives me a lot of options and puts them in front of me concurrently. It tends to get me what I want quickly.

My one complaint about Technorati’s default Authority rankings is that they can sometimes skew results toward big blogs that organically draw a lot of links to their posts. Still, you can easily change the way you search. To do this, when your results come back, click the blue “change” link at the top of results. This allows you to customize your results and quickly get to posts from lesser-known sites.

Do you have favorite search tools for pulling up tech info?

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Ian Kallen

It’s nice to hear that our search service is getting you what you want. We have a lot of things in the works aimed at enhancing data quality and service stability, so please stay tuned!

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