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New Video Analytics Startup to Watch

Tracking trends and the rising stars in the world of web video is our job here, so we love tools that help us do it. A new entrant in this space is Video Breakouts, which creator Peter Winer has pulled together by noodling around with public data from the largest video-sharing sites to figure out who and what’s already hot as well as what’s on the rise (see a list of all of his reports here, and a new weekly report on top creators here).

Winer was previously VP of web services for Visible Measures; he left the video analytics company on what he says were amicable terms earlier this year. Visible Measures to declined comment on Winer’s departure or his new project.

Asked whether what he was doing was competitive with Visible Measures, and especially video-tracking service Vidmeter, which Visible Measures acquired in January, Winer said, “My feeling is I think Vidmeter didn’t really go far enough…It can tell you what’s been watched the most recently, but it doesn’t find videos that are about to go hockey stick, it doesn’t track authors, and it doesn’t track trends.”

He added,

“There’s a huge amount of video out there and I think there’s something really interesting to do by finding the right videos and finding out what people want to know about those videos…It all boils down to there’s a relatively large number of new business opportunities here, and it’s interesting to me to be in a position to illuminate them.”

Winer said he wants to turn his service into a tool for publishers, keeping his current Billboard-for-video site as an advertisement but not his core product. Publisher tools are also what Visible Measures sells, but in the form of a much more deeply integrated product using a video player plug-in — not based on public data like Video Breakouts. Winer’s approach is perhaps more similar to that of TubeMogul, which integrates with its users’ accounts on the various video-sharing services where they upload their videos.

We think there’s plenty of opportunity (though maybe not for separate companies) for these different approaches, but we do think Winer has a lot of work to do. First of all, a proper web site would probably be a better platform on which to display all those charts (right now it’s just a hosted blog), and the ability to link measurements across sites would be helpful (right now if a user has an account on YouTube and an account on MySpace, for instance, they’re considered separately). But there’s a lot of good stuff in there, so we’ll be keeping an eye out — and possibly even figuring out a way to publish some of the data here.

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  1. visible measures is in trouble. They have burned through 25 million dollars in cash and on the verge of collapse their CEO basically sits in his office and won’t engage in sales while a smaller competitors tear them apart on the viral side and the big guys like Omniture hand them a new one on their core business.

    It’s so bad that Brian has to go and raise cash again.