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Giga Omni Media acquires jkOnTheRun!

jkOnTheRun joins the ranks of GigaOM


Today Kevin and I are incredibly excited to bring you some great news about jkOnTheRun!  Our little tech blog has been acquired by the great Giga Omni Media group, home of GigaOm blog among others.  Giga Omni Media is one of the top tech networks around and we are excited and honored to be joining this great group of folks.

What does this mean for jkOnTheRun?

First and foremost you can rest assured that the coverage you have come to expect from us will continue.  jkOnTheRun will continue to bring you all the information about the gadgets and technologies that make your jobs easier and your lives a little bit better.  That we can promise you will not change.   We will continue to show you not only the technology of the day but how you can leverage it to your best advantage.  We will also continue to detail for you what technology we are using and what we do with it. 

What will change is a good thing- both Kevin and I have joined the Giga Omni Media group and will be able to focus all of our time on writing for you here on jkOnTheRun.  This is exciting for us both and we hope for you too.  We will continue to do all of the things you’ve told us that you like from us, posting on the topics of interest, podcasting and video reviews of hot stuff.  Any changes you see here will be merely cosmetic as we can now tap the technical expertise of Giga Omni Media and make the site cleaner and faster.  Having these resources at our disposal will not only mean your experience on the site will get better but it means that Kevin and I can concentrate solely on creating the content you crave.  Now that’s a very good thing.

We are quite honored that Om Malik and company like what we do here on jkOnTheRun and very happy to be joining them.  Our blogging has a great fit with the other work they are doing and we think you’ll find the total package to be a great stop on your web visits.  We are confident you will find this change to be a very good thing for jkOnTheRun and that you will enjoy what we do even more.  After all, our job is now to make you happy and we take that responsibility very seriously.  Come along with us for the ride as we continue to explore the ever-changing world of mobile technology.  It’s a great journey and we’re happy you’re here.

94 Responses to “Giga Omni Media acquires jkOnTheRun!”

  1. Absolutely floored! Great to read this, (and reread it.) You worked for it and you got it!
    My most heartfelt congratulations. This is a well deserved reward.
    Good Luck Guys!!

  2. Dennis

    Gee did you sell it at that Buy it Now price in the May 17th column or at the Conde Nast price one ?
    See it does pay to advertise ! Congratulations !

  3. Excellent news for two of my go-to tech bloggers! Your advice and musings have aided me in several of my purchases, and I wish you continued and greater success.

  4. Congrats, guys! All of us at Six Apart and on the TypePad team have been proud to follow your success from the beginning, and this is a terrific milestone and a well-deserved recognition of your work.

  5. James & Kevin,

    As a fan, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have you guys being part of our great adventure and working with you. Your tireless efforts are what make me comeback every single day.