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ScreenshotHere’s another answer to the eternal “how do you find web work?” question: Flexjobs, which claims to be the “world’s largest telecommuting job site.” They have some hundreds of job listings online, and every single one of them is for telecommuters. They accomplish this by bringing together listings from other sites, as well as letting employers post directly. A good number of the listings look like professional positions, as opposed to the run of home-based-work opportunities you’ll hit elsewhere (though they carry some of those too).

Flexjobs isn’t free to use, though: if you want to see anything beyond job title, employer, and date posted, you’ll need to register at $14.95 per month or $49.95 per year. If you’re doing a serious job search, that could be worth it in saved time. Even without registering, you can get a sense of the market, and browse through the selection of article links to help you get started with telecommuting.



Thanks, Sara. I appreciate your comments and the discount code. I see some great opportunities on flexjobs.com.


First, I love WebWorkerDaily, so I was really excited that our company, FlexJobs, was reviewed.

I also want to respond to the comments and say that, first, I totally understand your trepidation about paying for a job service. The decision to go with a paid subscription model was not an easy one, but ultimately it allows us to provide a far superior service. Why? Because we are able to focus on the job-seekers as our top priority… not advertisers, not even employers (many of the scammier business opportunities are dying to post jobs with us, and we have turned them all away).

Also, we do show prospective users quite a lot, in fact, arguably more than we should (in an effort to give users an idea of the quality and type of jobs we have, we show the title AND company name of every job listing — before you sign up, which really means that if someone wanted to go to the employer’s site individually, they could).

Anyway, as a follow-up, I’d be happy to offer a great discount to WebWorkerDaily readers who want to try our service. Enter “SAVE50” to get 50% off a month’s access (so only $7.50). And yes, we do offer a money back guarantee.

Thanks again for the feedback!


hmmm…I have to agree. “We promise to have something to show you once you give us the money…”

No thanks. Give me a look at what you have, then let me decide if it’s worth the price. It doesn’t matter if there’s a money back guarantee.


Pay just to be able to see job listings? And, what’s more… pay to be able to see listings for work-from-home scams and listings aggregated from free job boards around the web??

Are you kidding me? I smell… FAIL.

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