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California Clean Tech Open Announces 2008 Finalists

That California business competition that continues to launch some of the cleantech industry’s most innovative startups has just announced their finalists for this year. The California Clean Tech Open (CCTO) has announced 44 finalists (must not have had enough good ones to have the estimated 50) that make up 6 categories: “Air, Water & Waste,” “Energy Efficiency,” “Green Building,” “Renewables,” “Smart Power,” and “Transportation.”

Just being named a finalist will help out these 44 early stage startups. The CCTO says that past year’s companies have gone on to raise over $70 million in VC funding over the last two years, and 84 percent of the alumni are still viable businesses. This year’s picks include startups working on a solar-power ice maker, reuseable diapers, green modular buildings, landfill methane recovery, and home energy monitoring display. Here’s the CCTO’s picks below the jump:

Air, Water & Waste category – Prize Co-Sponsor Grundfos

  • Clean Coal Inc.: “Removes contaminants from coal”
  • Over the Moon Diapers: “High performance reusable diapers and service network”
  • Porifera: “Carbon nanotube membrane for reverse osmosis desalination”
  • PURE-T: “Salt free water softener using nanobeads”
  • Purite: “Zero-energy chemical-free whole house water filtration”
  • SequesCO: “Microbial CO2 capture and conversion to biofuel”
  • Waste Water Works (WWW): “Microbial wastewater treatment also generates electricity”

Energy Efficiency category – Prize Sponsors PG&E, SCE and SDG&E:

  • Atomic Precision Systems Inc.: “New semiconductor process for ultra-cheap LED lighting”
  • Enovative Group: “Smart pump for hot water circulation”
  • NexChem: “Energy-saving process improvement for zinc galvanizing”
  • Transoptic: “Solar energy assistance for conventional water heaters”
  • Viridis Earth: “Domestic HVAC retrofit to improve efficiency”
  • WicKool: “Energy efficient water recovery for existing rooftop air conditioning”

Green Building category:

  • BottleStone: “Ceramic stone countertops include 80% recycled glass”
  • en-vis-age: “Green, modular and customizable buildings”
  • Green Design Systems: “Straw wall building panels”
  • “Home improvement website for green products and services”
  • GroundSource: “Residential geothermal system with installation services”
  • ISTN: “Eco-friendly building insulation”
  • Parco Homes: “Manufactured green (zero net energy) home kits”
  • Solar Red: “Low cost rooftop PV installation system and components”
  • Team Wawa: “Water-conserving shower system”

Renewables category – Prize Sponsors Google, PG&E, and SCE:

  • Covalent Solar: “Organic thin film solar concentrators”
  • Focal Point Energy: “Solar thermal water heater for industrial processes”
  • IEM Applications: “Landfill methane accelerated recovery”
  • Renewable Fuel Technologies: “Agricultural waste biomass converted to Green Coal”
  • Solar Ice: “Solar powered ice maker”
  • Solindis: “Optical solar concentrator for thin film PV”

Smart Power category – Prize Sponsors AMD and Siemens TTB:

  • 1ARC Energy: “Higher capacity lithium-ion batteries”
  • Cooler: “Carbon calculator to allow B2B targeted advertising in LOHAS”
  • Energy Empowered: “Home display and control to reduce standby power usage”
  • Enverity Corporation: “Greenhouse gas tracking and compliance”
  • Power Assure: “Data center energy management software service”
  • Renewable Voltage: “Treats organic waste to provide hydrogen and energy storage”
  • Tangerine Network Devices: “Home energy display and control”

Transportation category – Prize Sponsor Lexus:

  • AAA Fleets:“Turnkey electric vehicles and solar charging systems for fleets”
  • E-Chargers: “Plug-in hybrid charging station”
  • ElectraDrive: “Gas to electric drivetrain auto conversion”
  • Electric Drive Research: “Plug-in/gas hybrid 2 person, 3 wheel sports car”
  • ElectronVault, Inc.: “More efficient traction battery for hybrids”
  • Enhanced Vehicle Acoustics: “Flexible engine sound generator for quiet cars”
  • FuelMotion: “Series hybrid conversions for the developing world”
  • Goose Networks: “Hosted dynamic scheduler for carpools/vanpools”
  • Philo Fuel: “GPS-based audiovisual cues to help drivers optimize fuel efficiency”

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