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Zapak Launches; Advertising Supported Turn Based Strategy Games has dipped its toes into the mobile domain through its venture. The GPRS-based site offers games for mobile download and play, with multiplayer aspects and a message box, to bring in a community touch-point. The multiplayer titles are currently turn-based only — apparently due to bandwidth restrictions. There are five titles offered: Chess, Reversi, TicTacToe, Battle Blocks, and Connect 4. The service itself requires MIDP 2.0 (essentially Java support) on your cell phone. The games and the community aspects are powered by Cotopia, a company operating out of the Czech Republic.

The interesting bit here is that Zapak’s mobile offerings seem to reflect their PC mantra of revenue via advertisements; while there are currently no ads running on their mobile games, ad-space is clearly allowed for. With the wireless gaming market in Asia set to reach $1.3 billion in 2008, advergames have been seen as a vital tool to build brand loyalty by advertisers. Zapak is in a comfortable position to make the most of this oppurtunity. A potential source of revenue could be Jump Games, Zapak’s sister-in-arm: one could produce the cell phone games (as Jump already does), while the other uses Zapak’s muscle to distributes it. Advergaming is already being experimented at, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see it on its mobile offering as well.

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