FunnyOrDie’s BlueCollarOrDie Dies

Chris Henchy and Dick Glover of FunnyOr DieBlueCollarOrDie, a spinoff site from FunnyOrDie featuring the stars of Blue Collar Comedy, has been shut down. The site is one several “OrDie” sites under Or Die Network including ShredOrDie (extreme sports) and PwnOrDie (gaming). As THR reports, the site launched last November with an investment from CAA, as well as a pair of law firms that repped the Blue Collar Players. Among them are Jeff Foxworthy and torch carrier Larry The Cable Guy. The reason for the shutdown is no big mystery: lack of traffic. THR adds that the site had been getting a rather meager 60,000-80,000 uniques per month, but that the site employed 15 people in Santa Monica. In the meantime, BCOD redirects to another struggling network site FungFuTodd. In case it’s not clear, offline starpower doesn’t translate to guaranteed success online. To wit, how many Will Ferrell clips have you seen besides The Landlord?

FunnyOrDie took an unspecified investment (less than 10 percent) from HBO earlier this year, as well as a big $15 million round last year that reportedly valued the company at around $100 million.


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