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Facebook’s Sandberg: There Is No Underlying Story About Execs Leaving

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At Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference, a keynote Q&A with Sheryl Sandberg, among many issues, talked about leadership and exec changes at Facebook.

Adam D

5 Responses to “Facebook’s Sandberg: There Is No Underlying Story About Execs Leaving”

  1. @ Jenkins^^ There's blood in the water. Today at FB8 if Zuckerberg doesn't have an actual monetization method in his keynote it's time that he hands the torch off (in my dreams).

    Now what will actually happen: He'll announce a slick payment system. But college kids do NOT PAY for anything so it will go unused for 2 quarters. He'll then tout that there "working" on another way for apps to "make money." He will then proceed to not step down and not hand the reigns to a seasoned veteran. This cycle will continue for the next year. Facebook will balloon in expenses (just look at what happened with Zuckerburgs risky funding last quarter for hardware!?!?). So they will continue spend frivolously and his head will grow all the VC's will pullout on him and he'll be forced to sell for 1:10 of it's 280 mil valuation.

  2. Jenkins

    She is spinning! Serious people that believe in the company/mission do NOT leave a company this early before a liquidity event! Anyone that believes otherwise is in dreamworld!

  3. Hmmm. FaceBook. – why don;t I advertise to a bunch of poor college students who would rather beat each other…..tape it….and post it on YouTube.

    What a deal!