Upgrade Your iPod Touch to 2.0 for Free and Fast Cash Money


The long-awaited day came and I headed down to my local Apple Store to get a new iMac and a 16GB iPod Touch to take advantage of Apple’s back-to-school promo. (It might be a sign that I have been waiting so long for this that my daughter’s first word was Apple.) Many of you, like myself, have been waiting to buy an iPod Touch until the iPhone 3G was released in the hopes that the software 2.0 update would be free as it was with the January software update. I didn’t want to buy a new iPod Touch a couple weeks ago and have to pay $10 for the update this last weekend.

As I carefully unwrapped the iPod and synced it to my computer, I found out that I was gravely mistaken. Software update 2.0 was not installed. iTunes said that I needed to update it, and that I would have to pay. Believe me, I didn’t want to add even ten bucks to the $2000 I had already spent today. I called Apple to see if I needed to still pay for it, and three employees told me I did (well, actually, one person told me that it was absolutely a free upgrade, until I told her that I already had iTunes 7.7: she didn’t know the difference).

So, I resigned myself to purchase the upgrade. But there is a happy ending, for me. It turns out that by upgrading my wife’s iPod Touch this weekend using my account iTunes said that I had already purchased it and could download it for free. So, if you have two iPod Touches, then you can possibly get one updated for free, otherwise, add another $10 to your iPod Touch App budget.

The even better news out of this whole story is that I bought the Mac and iPod Touch on Monday, and the rebate showed up in the mail today! In just five business days Apple turned around a rebate and had the check at my house. Anyone who has used a rebate before knows that they usually come at a time when the money is a nice surprise. Way to go Apple.


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