S3 Outage: the Aftermath

ScreenshotAs covered both here and on our parent blog GigaOM, Amazon’s S3 storage service had a bad day yesterday. (So, by the way, did their Simple Queue System, but an outage in that service is less noticeable to most web users). How bad? Well, they missed their 99.9% SLA, and now owe 10% refunds for the month; indeed, they almost came down to the 99% level where they’d owe 25% refunds. Unfortunately, to claim a refund you need to submit your server request logs to confirm the outage, which is difficult or impossible for most web worker users. If you do navigate the credit process, let us know.

ScreenshotMeanwhile, the effects of this outage have plenty of folks discussing other storage services, either as an backup to Amazon S3 or a replacement. The leading contender appears to be Nirvanix, who offer storage at $0.25 per GB/month with uploads and downloads at $0.18 per GB – not too outrageously different from Amazon’s $0.15 per GB month with uploads at $0.10/GB and downloads starting at $0.17/GB. Watch for some smart developers to come up with middleware layers that do automatic mirroring and fallback from S3 to Nirvanix soon.