Green Campaign Watch: McCain Blames Obama for Gas Prices and Checks Out Volt, Obama Must Fight Back on Energy


High gas prices are hitting Americans in the pocket book and they seem ready to fight back with their votes. A report from campaign consultants James Carville and Stan Greenberg earlier this month showed that voters care more about reducing gas prices than addressing energy conservation and global warming, a fact that McCain seems to be milking with a new television ad blaming Obama for high prices at the pump. But McCain knows the future is not in fossil fuels, as evidenced by his visit Friday to a GM plant, where he checked out a Chevy Volt. As one campaign watcher over at The Huffington Post notes, the ball is now in Obama’s court when it comes to energy, and he needs to start playing some offense by explaining to voters that nothing either candidate does will immediately lower gas prices.

New McCain Ad Blames Obama for High Gas Prices: The McCain campaign has put out another energy attack ad (embedded below), this time blaming Obama for high gas prices because of his refusal to permit offshore drilling. The ad equates domestic drilling with oil independence and claims that Obama has directly voted against independence from foreign oil. The AP reports the ad will run in Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia and Wisconsin.

McCain Checks Out a Chevy Volt: McCain visited a GM facility in Warren, Mich., on Friday where he sat in GM’s big electric play, the Chevrolet Volt, a plug-in electric hybrid due out in 2010. “The key, integral, vital part of our ability to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil will be directly related to that sign over there,” McCain said pointing to a sign for the Volt, the AP reports.

“How Obama Can Regain the Initiative on Energy”: McCain is on the offensive in the energy debate and Obama needs to start fighting back. Jeremy Jacquot at the Huffington Post writes how Obama can regain the high ground and win the energy debate with a principled argument that offers real straight talk on the energy crisis. Americans are starting to panic, Jacquot warns, with gas and energy prices so high. Obama needs to give a speech akin to Gore’s, Jacquot writes: Explain the current situation, articulate why McCain’s proposals won’t solve the problem and lay out the Obama energy plan.



By all means BHO, give a speech like Gore’s mouth-poop. Even other demz were running from that one.

Please wait until the convention to announce to the largest possible audience how you plan to raise taxes on proven methods of energy to make a giant crap shoot on companies run by your cronies with unproven methods of generating energy. I realize the public schools have drummed any semblance of critical thought out of our population, but even they will see that transfers of tax wealth to companies with no product seems stupid.

Oh and for the walrus aka Friedman, I’d like to tell him he’s addicted to oxygen and could he stop wasting it?


Obama caused high gas prices?

I heard he’s a muslim who hates white people as well.

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