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Adobe Adds Sony to Media Player

Starting tomorrow, the Adobe Media Player will feature content from Sony Pictures Entertainment and its web video property Crackle. However, the Sony content is old stuff, like Men in Black, Jerry Maguire, and the Sony Minisode Network of recuts of popular classic TV fare like Charlie’s Angels and Dif’rent Strokes.

We have no idea how popular AMP is, since Adobe declined to give anything in the way of stats, but the company said it’s seen significant numbers of AMP downloads from a link on the thank-you page for new downloads of Adobe Reader and the Flash player. AMP, which launched April 9 with MTV and CBS content, will also add more video from CBS and Showtime such as the first three seasons of Beverly Hills 90210 and clips of The Tudors. The additions, which bring AMP to 25,000 pieces of content and more than 600 shows, come along with an upgrade to the software that is supposed to make it more inviting for new users.

5 Responses to “Adobe Adds Sony to Media Player”

  1. It is all about the content. The only there would be any sort of widespread adoption for the AMP is if they offered content that can not be found elsewhere. How are expecting to compete with Hulu the Fancasts of the world? Do they think a cool UI will convert people to a downloadable app?