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Some Users Revolt Over New Look

imageThousands of users have called on the social music site to revert to its old look after the social music site redesigned on Thursday. Over 8,500 members have joined an on-site group, Bring Back The Old and the blog post announcing the changes has been closed to comments after receiving 2,000 messages. This is par for the course with the redesign of any community website in which members feel invested and which has been unchanged for several years – any major site worth its salt tends to attract suspicion through any period of change, before the changes settle in and are accepted. had been testing the reboot extensively with paying subscribers since May 21, when we were first to bring you a preview of the site, a process that yielded 13,234 pieces of feedback and 7,856 posts and which included two real-world user testing sessions. But, with the upgrade now public, many are unimpressed, comparing CBS’ (NYSE: CBS) $280 million purchase to Facebook and reporting technical problems. This campaign is quite large; many also said they like it, however.

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  1. Tim Doyle

    I lead four groups at, belong to nearly 300 more, have almost 500 friends there, and have an artist presence there as well. I have been a huge fan of the site prior to this change. Never mind all my problems with the slow and extremely buggy version now… I am connected to a large number of people who live their lives on the site, and at least 95% of the people I talk to hate the change, many of them passionately. Perhaps 1% actually prefer it to the old design. It's not the layout, as clunky and unattractive as it is…. it's the huge loss of functionality. It's difficult to do most things an active member does, especially as a group leader and an artist managing my own catalogue… Everybody seems to be saying I can do X Y or Z as soon as I can figure out how, or IF I still can do it… Fixes and kluges and work-arounds are flying all over, but who has time to do all that, and why should anyone have to?

  2. 10k users is actually quite a lot.. considering how many are subscribers.. and considering how many users don't even visit the site but scrobble.

  3. The protest group currently has already gathered over 10,000 member in just 5 days. The largest group in all of has about 50,000 members, and it took YEARS to gather those members. To dismiss this protest as being insignificant is foolish.

  4. Bring back

    Regarding: FAIL.FM/

    Some of the staff and moderators are being incredibly unhelpful; calling the users- some of whom are subscribed users who are paying for the service, who are perfectly entitled to be complaining about a) the customer service and b) the actual new 'look' of the site, 'whiners'. It's only been a few days since the change was officialized and already there has been more controversy than anyone expected after having tried out the Beta, a few days prior to the release.
    The moderators and some staff have responded to the backlash by saying that it's been the same almost every time the look of the site has changed, and that it's just going to get some getting used to.
    But I, for one, will not be renewing my subscription with if they are willing to take this approach to their users.

  5. I am all in favor of change for the better, and it's true that it takes people a while to acclimate to a new 'look', but has not changed for the better. it instead changed to a mediocre-at-best look with worse functionality and many many more glitches. the glitches may go away with some time, but the interface is aweful! so true, Nobby82, if i wanted a myspace or facebook page, i would get one… but i want my old back! stop the standardization! if you can't do it better, don't do it at all.

  6. Nobby82

    A big majority of users prefer the old version, a look at the forums clearly demonstrates this. The poll is currently showing that 83% prefer the 'old' over the 'new'.
    As for 10,000 being a 'drop in the ocean' – Less than 1% of the active users would even be aware of this protest group as they'd need to see a link to find it. It's the fastest growing and most active group on If you can ignore the trolls (unfortunately banning people doesn't work, not that i'm suggesting anything… ) it's at least worth a visit.
    I hate the new layout and loved the old but that's pretty much an irrelevance as most of the time i can't listen to anything anyway.
    As for this 'intelligent, targeted' advertising – i don't even eat meat yet i am constantly bombarded with pictures of hamburgers…
    They knew there would be an outcry at so many users losing their playlists but i doubt they figured on the size of the unrest, and from so many subscribers too. Whinge, moan(expressing my and the majority's discontent) – We want OUR back, if we'd of wanted to be on facebook or myspace we'd have been there already. Give us the option to use the old version, please.

  7. There are almost 10.000 of the most active scrobblers in that specific group. Some of them are loyal subscribers while the others are just huge fans, but I think they all deserve to be heard. I don't think it's too much to ask for a simple button somewhere on the site, that turns this layout into the old one. Could it be that hard to host the old layout too? Well for a smaller company, yes, I guess that would raise problems, but for Come on! Hard to believe.

  8. To John & Robert: But how many users are active? Probably most of them even haven't noticed what did they do with it…
    And one more thing: I liked because it allowed me to listen to my playlist (only with the shuffle on). Now it's available only for subscribers! They just sold out… It's sad because I don't know any other site that has similar feature…

  9. Robert Andrews

    Exactly. Important to be even-handed. And worth pointing out reports about 21 million unique users monthly. In fairness, that's about 2,300 times greater than the size of the protest.

  10. I think the words 'Some Lastfm Users' are important in this current story.
    Considering the number of active users, 8500 is a drop in the ocean.

    In truth, there are many more users very happy with the new design and new features such as the live updating of charts, a major step forward. Of course being happy we feel no need to go crazy posting everywhere, forming groups and obviously seriously entertaining the belief that they are somehow going to terrify the powers at be at Lastfm into bowing to their wishes. I just extended my subscription and a trip there shows I'm not alone…

  11. This group cannot be found in the Group search, there are no charts waaaay past time that there should be, the member counter doesn't reflect actual members and NO 'red' solidarity avatars 'show' up on the start/home page…the staff are for sure lurking in this group, for sure watching and hoping it doesn't get out to YOU AND for sure terrified that this will spread to it's legitimate end – A RETURN TO THE OLD LAST.FM!

    Wait til the advertisers find out…JOIN US IN STOPPING THE STERILITY!