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Online Video Management Company Qumu Raises $10.7M Third Round

imageContent management company Qumu has secured a $10.7 million third round funding as it seeks to speed development of CDN products and build up its marketing team. The round was led by ATV and joined by SAP Ventures, a division of SAP AG, Storm Ventures, Garage Technology Ventures, Halo Opportunity Fund, and the Angels Forum. A little over two years ago, the Emeryville, CA.-based company raised a $5.3 million second round from The Angels’ Forum, The Halo Fund and Garage Technology Ventures, all of whom contributed to Qumu’s $1.3 million first round of funding in 2003.

As we mentioned in June, Qumu is one of a handful of companies that is working with AT&T (NYSE: T) on its new CDN business. Back in February, the company changed its name from the generic sounding “Media Publisher Inc.” to Qumu, which the company says has something to do with a bear’s firepower in an unspecified Native American language. Release