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Ben Silverman: A Year After

It has been a year since Ben Silverman officially joined NBC Universal (NYSE: GE) as the co-chairman of NBC Entertainment and NBC Universal Television Studio, teaming up with his counterpart Marc Graboff. Now a year down the line, TVWeek did an interview with him at the TCA summer press tour, and asked him about, among other things, his biggest regret. Without missing a beat, he mentions Quarterlife, the online to TV series that bombed badly and was pulled after just one episode and moved to sister cable network Bravo.

His response: “I think that ‘Quarterlife’ would be the biggest disappointment in that it just didn

One Response to “Ben Silverman: A Year After”

  1. Quarterlife didn't work because it wasn't an authentic show. It was OBVIOUS that the main character's video blog was forced into the show — other characters' hopes of starting a video business based on their online shorts — this is supposed to translate to TV?

    Scalable web entertainment projects are concepts that are no different from ones that you'd see on TV. The key element that almost everyone is missing is there is a way to produce "The Office" as a TV show and as webisodes. They already do it. "The Office" is the brand. They produce content for the Internet and for TV, appropriately. This is the big idea. To go from the web to TV? Keep your eye on Ragtag's (and now Darren Starr's) "We Need Girlfriends".