Moving Towards Each Other: More on NYT vs WSJ

Yesterday we mentioned about the war of words between NYT’s digital side and….now today some more interesting new projects scheduled to go live at this fall, as mentioned in this AdAge story. Among them, Times Extra, which will be links to stories from NYT competitors, and will even occupy space on homepage, a huge leap for the paper’s rather cloistered journalistic attitude of lore. From the sound of it, looks like they will modify BlogRunner, which currently only runs on NYT’s tech page online, to run across the site. NYT bought BlogRunner two years ago.

Then, the site will expand into WSJ territory at the same time WSJ is expanding into more general news and taking on NYT: it will expand its business coverage, and develop vertical sections on subjects including the economy, energy, small business, personal finance and enterprise technology. The model is DealBook, the popular deals site/blog/newsletter developed by Andrew Ross Sorkin and his team. Like DealBook, each section will have original reporting and commentary from a dedicated staffer, news aggregated from elsewhere, relevant tools, e-mail newsletters, mobile applications and more, the story says. Of course, the competition for NYT or even WSJ is not just each other, but plenty of other sources, both traditional and online-only. But the two have more resources and scale than most others to back these efforts…

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