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Top BitTorrented TV Downloads This Week

Top BitTorrent TV Downloads Week Ending July 14, 2008
Rank Last Week Title
1 1 One Piece
2 4 Heroes
3 3 Lost
4 2 Prison Break
5 5 Grey’s Anatomy
6 9 Dexter
7 7 Smallville
8 6 South Park
9 11 Supernatural
10 10 How I Met Your Mother
11 12 Desperate Housewives
12 13 Family Guy
13 8 The Simpsons
14 17 Stargate Atlantis
15 14 The Office (U.S.)
16 16 Battlestar Galactica
17 21 House M.D.
18 15 My Name Is Earl
19 19 One Tree Hill
20 23 Scrubs

The Japanese animation One Piece holds the top spot as the most BitTorrented TV show for the third week in a row, fending off the likes of Heroes and Lost, according to the latest numbers from Big Champagne.

A commenter last week pointed out that Dexter just started in Australia last week, which could be the reason that show is getting a bump in the rankings.

The rest of the lineup is pretty much the usual suspects.

NOTE: Rankings are based on global download volumes as measured by swarm sizes, swarm speeds and file sizes. These data reflect the collective global popularity of all available show content from all seasons current and past, not just the most recent broadcast.

6 Responses to “Top BitTorrented TV Downloads This Week”

  1. If Top Gear is not on that list, so I call it bullshit…It’s the most popular TV show in the world, and certainly one of the, if not the most downloaded TV show. What’s your sources?

  2. mininovadoesinfactrock

    Looks like Torrent Freak isn’t aggregating anything, he’s just listing the most popular individual torrents (or episodes, you can’t really tell from his description). According to the description above, this list is taking a different approach by combining all torrent activity on all seasons and episodes. Besides, Top Gear has topped this list before so this doesn’t seem arbitrary to me.

  3. How is so much different from what TorrentFreak is reporting? Click on my name to go to the link…

    Top Gear is hot on BitTorrent.. but not even on this list.. I know that the time frame from the data is different.. but still.. there should be atleast some common shows .. what about psych.. it premiered last week.. where is that in this list?…

    I have said several times .. your list is arbitrary..doesnt make any sense…

  4. Interesting data. I think Dexter’s premiere definitely has something to do with it; also, the S2 DVD is supposed to come out next month, so there’s some anticipation buzz going on.