Tesla Opens Silicon Valley Showroom

The parking valets seemed to outnumber the electric Roadsters at the Saturday afternoon grand opening of Tesla’s Menlo Park showroom. Tesla rolled out the red carpet and caviar as the bar served “Electric Margaritas” and “Model S Mojitos” to thirsty customers, awaiting their cars.

Chairman Elon Musk and President and CEO Ze’ev Drori welcomed the crowd. The palatial space, three times the square footage of the L.A. showroom that opened in May, was filled with engineers, customers, caterers, a band and 9 Roadsters in different stages of development. In a separate building in the back the first dozen production vehicles are awaiting delivery. More pictures after the jump.

Next up will be New York and Chicago showrooms with Seattle and Miami likely following, opening as soon as the end of this year, Tesla says. Meanwhile the startup has recently started taking European orders and is looking to open showrooms in Germany and the UK.

The Menlo Park showroom will be open to the public starting next Tuesday so you can come in to see drivetrains being installed and check out the Roadster Mule that appeared in Tony Stark’s garage of exotic cars in “Iron Man.”

Elon Musk, martini glass in hand, greeted customers.

President and CEO Ze’ev Drori chatted in front of the parts-bay-turned-open-bar.