Tracking Coffee and Phones


ScreenshotIt almost seems like an age of scarcity for web workers, but that’s only because two new resources have coincidentally hit the web at nearly the same time. On the one hand, Starbucks has finally dropped the other shoe and released their complete list of 600 or so stores that will be closing this year. If your local hangout is on the list, this gives you plenty of advanced notice to start hunting down somewhere else to hang your WiFi.

ScreenshotOn the other hand, if you’re still trying to track down an iPhone, you may find Has iPhone? to be a useful resource – or perhaps a depressing one. Through some screen-scraping and number crunching, this site is tracking which states have 3G iPhones available. Click on a state and you can see complete store information, saving you a lot of cruising around the official sites.

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