A Visual Tour of iMacros, For Firefox


Many of us have been busy in recent weeks tuning up our new installations of the Firefox 3 browser from Mozilla. If you’ve been busy adding extensions to your arsenal, and you haven’t tried iMacros, it happens to be my favorite of all Firefox extensions.

The iMacros extension is particularly well-suited to many kinds of web workers, and is working for Firefox 3. Over on the OStatic blog, we have produced a complete guided tour–consisting of 10 screenshot-based steps–to getting up to speed with this powerful extension.

If you perform a lot of repetitive HTML, CSS or other web development tasks, iMacros can be particularly useful for letting you record a series of actions you want to be able to repeat. You can quickly create a whole library of useful macros, and bring them up in a pane to the left of your web pages at any time.

In the visual tour we have put together, you’ll also find a particularly strong use for iMacros: It can allow you to begin using super bookmarks, where macros go right into your list of bookmarks, and instead of just taking you to a web page, these bookmarks execute complex tasks. These can be big time-savers, and you can get up to speed with this useful extension in about five minutes using the tour. I hope you’ll check it out.

Which are your favorite Firefox extensions?

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