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Google Buys Russian Contextual Ad Firm From Rambler For $140 Million

We have recently written about a flurry of Russian online deals, and this is among the bigger ones that have happened in the last year or so: Google has bought contextual advertising company ZAO Begun from it parent, the internet portal Rambler, for about $140 million. Rambler currently owns 50.1 percent of Begun..under this deal, it would first buy the remaining 49.9 percent stake from Bannatyne Limited and then sell the entire firm to Google (NSDQ: GOOG). Rambler

7 Responses to “Google Buys Russian Contextual Ad Firm From Rambler For $140 Million”

  1. There are millions of Russians using Rambler all over the world. Russian community in the USA is about 8 million strong, so the advedrtizing on Rambler will likely be targetting thos abroad too.
    With that said, Russia is picking up the pace pretty quickly, with the businesses popping like mushromms after the rain.

  2. Rafat Ali

    and good timing too as the pace here in U.S. slows down, other economies are picking up. i think Google's acquisition is the first major one from a U.S. powerhouse there…