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Actors and Studios At Impasse; No Guarantees On Online Revenues Agreed To

So here it is: SAG says it can’t accept studios’ proposed labor contract because it doesn’t ensure union jurisdiction over new media. And that’s where things stand, still, that is. Studios have refused to guarantee pay for repeat showings of programs created for online or to use union actors for lower-budget productions, SAG said in a statement, reports Bloomberg. The two sides met today privately for two hours and now have no further meetings planned.

Updated: AP reports that SAG has sent a letter to 120,000 members, giving its most detailed explanation yet for its rejection of the AMPTP final offer. Doug Allen, the guild’s executive director, claimed the offer would have allowed nonunion actors into “almost all new media productions for the foreseeable future.” And then on residuals for online content: “A program originally made for could be available for re-viewing on … as often as possible and forever with no residuals…The stakes are too high to concede.”

Meanwhile, AMPTO responded with an equally detailed statement describing its Internet offer as “a major advancement” from the previous contract.