TeraCopy: A Free Way to Trounce Windows File Copying


Do you work a lot with large files, or need to synchronize large blocks of files between two drives? For both of these applications, a free Windows application called TeraCopy is a much better solution than Windows Explorer and most of the file copying utilities out there.

TeraCopy is a simple console utility, downloadable here. The best way to give it a spin, especially if you have, say, a few big video files on a disk, is try a few tests moving the files using TeraCopy as compared to the same task using Windows Explorer.

TeraCopy presents a simple console where you have several options for moving files from Windows Explorer to it when you want to copy to new locations. You can drag and drop files in Explorer with the left mouse button or use Copy/Paste commands to do so, and you can move files into the TeraCopy console in large batches. The application also adds a TeraCopy choice to the File menu in Windows Explorer that you can select to send files straight into the application’s console.

Alternatively, you can drag selected files to TeraCopy’s console using your right mouse button. A context menu will allow you to choose “TeraCopy Here” or “TeraMove Here.” You choose TeraCopy Here if you want to retain a copy of the file(s) in Explorer or TeraMove Here if you want to remove them from Explorer and copy them to a new location.

In TeraCopy’s console, you get a “Clean Up” button which allows you to clear out large blocks of files you may be moving around at once. You can also choose a “Caption Only” version of the console, which will tell you only how much of the file remains left to move, and how much progress you’ve made.

The simple thermometers that report on your copying progress in TeraCopy are very much like the ones you see regularly in Windows and in Windows applications, so they’re intuitive. What the program really has to offer, though, is the best possible transfer speeds when copying from one disk to another.

If you regularly copy files back-and-forth between a fixed hard drive and a portable drive, it’s great. It’s also good if you move a lot of very large files, such as video files. In the case of video files of about 10MB each, I’ve copied blocks of them in with TeraCopy in half the time Windows Explorer would take. The application dynamically adjusts buffers to get its fast transfer speeds.

You can find a Beta 3 version of a new release 2.0 of TeraCopy at the application’s download page, along with a download option for version 1.22. I use version 1.22 simply because it does everything I need.

Do you know of any good applications for fast file copying?



Another good one is YCopy, which is very useful when copying a large number of files, as it doesn’t cancel the whole copy operation when it encounters a problematic file.

Samuel Dean

@Skys0 — TeraCopy also lets you pause during copies


I also use Supercopier.

For me, the possibility to put in pause a copy is just essential ! Try it, it’s a great tool !


There is another software which now is no longer updated.

Some French developers work on it, and I have to say It is really efficient, here is the name : http://supercopier.sfxteam.org/modules/news/ Supercopier.

The main difference between Teracopy and that program is that you can call Supercopier just by the same way, that’s to say copy-paste, or thanks to the shortcuts Control-C Control-V.

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