Google Docs Adds Templates


ScreenshotGoogle rolled out a new feature for its online Google Docs suite yesterday: templates. Now, if you don’t like starting with a blank page, you can select New, From Template and start browsing their gallery. You’ll find hundreds of choices, from presentation designs to a runner’s log to resumes to meeting minutes. Google brought some partners into this deal – there are templates from TemplateZone, Vertex42, and others as well as ones developed in-house.

Overall, the templates seem to be well-executed, and no doubt we’ll start to recognize some Google presentation designs just as we used to recognize PowerPoint themes. But as Google continues to cram more functionality into Docs, they’re going to have to face the same dilemma as the established desktop office suites: how do you organize a large range of options so that users can easily find the 10% they need?



You might say that Google Spreadsheets is already the “simple mode” solution. For a web application, it is just right. As a power user of Excel, I don’t want to see Microsoft Office go away. Just as OpenOffice didn’t cause the downfall of Microsoft, I doubt Google Docs will either.


It will be easy track for them, what that 10% is and put it in a classic or simple mode.

Todd Andrews

That’s great news. Would love for Google Docs to be able to handle all processes and eliminate a need for Microsoft Apps.

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