NBC Opens Up Multi-Platform Olympics Coverage To Verizon And AT&T


imageVerizon (NYSE: VZ) and AT&T (NYSE: T) are both going multiplatform for the Olympics Games in Beijing next month. NBC Universal (NYSE: GE), which has exclusive rights to the games in the U.S., has given each of the carriers the go ahead to offer NBC’s Olympics coverage on mobile, IPTV and broadband. NBC Universal has typically been extremely protective of its Olympics coverage and has rarely given carriage deals to others if it might mean losing eyeballs during the process. Verizon will air NBC’s coverage of the Olympics on its FiOS TV service through video-on-demand programming and live streaming footage of the competition. (Release.) The carrier


Matt Kapko

Yes. AT&T;will have exclusive content on mobile through a new channel on MediaFLO. The channel will air live footage from the games 24/7. Verizon won't have any content on MediaFLO, but both carriers will have many of the same clips available on their mobile streaming services.


Will AT&T;have exclusive content not available to Verizon, or are they both offering the same content experience?

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