Updated: Media Site AlleyInsider Gets Funding From Morgan, Kohlberg, Others; $6 Million Valuation

Update 1: Turns out my hunch was right: At least two more names added to the investors list: Roger Ehrenberg, who actually disclosed it on his own site here (end of the page)…his latest company Monitor110 just closed down. Also in his disclosure comes another name, Kohlberg Ventures, which is run by James Kohlberg, who is now on the board of New York Times Company…he was part of the dissident shareholders group for NYTCo, and as part of the settlement, became one of the two new board members of the newspaper company. Very interesting slate of investors indeed…

Update 2: TechConfidential has some more names of investors: Dave Morgan, former CEO and founder of Tacoda; Gordon Crovitz, former publisher of Wall Street Journal; and Ken Lerer, co-founder of HuffingtonPost.com.

Original post: AlleyInsider, the year-old media/tech news site founded by Kevin Ryan, Dwight Merriman, and Henry Blodget, has received less than $1 million in funding at $6 million post-money valuation, we have learned. The investor group includes Allen Morgan, former partner at Mayfield (he is in the process of leaving the firm) and was part of the dissident shareholder group that was fighting to take control of New York Times (NYSE: NYT). Morgan was part of the Harbinger and Firebrand nominees slate for the NYT board…the newspaper settled with the group earlier this year and nominated two other board members. I wouldn’t be surprised if others in the SAI investor group include some from that group. Ryan and Merriman provided initial seed funding, and the company is part of Alley Corp, the holding company that Ryan runs in NYC. Ryan told us in April that they were at the beginning stages of raising between $750,000 and $2 million.

SAI also recently launched two new sites: Clusterstock, a stocks news and analysis site, and The Business Sheet, a business news tabloid site.

Morgan has recently started investing on his own, outside Mayfield, and has invested in Socialmedian, the social news site started by former Jobster CEO Jason Goldberg.

Side note: We were furiously working the story for the last two days, and SAI, much to their credit, obviated us and posted some non-details on their site this evening. Kara Swisher posted an interview with Ryan today calling it “a new small slug of funding.”