There’s an unofficial RSS feed for the iPhone App Store! Huzzah!!

ItunesappstoreIt’s times like this when I wish we had a "why didn’t they think of that?" category for posts. In this day and age, there absolutely should have been an RSS feed for the iTunes App Store. I realize that RSS might not be mainstream yet, but seriously… how hard would it be Apple? You probably could have asked this guy for help.

No worries, thanks to Pinch Media. They’re offering no less than four feeds and I’m happy to subscribe to these:

  • New Apps
  • Updated Apps (which is good because I’m worried that the App Updates function isn’t really working. Maybe I’m too impatient and every app is 100% bug-free?)
  • Top 100 free apps updated nightly
  • Top 100 paid apps, also updated nightly
  • Top apps that Kevin wants gifted to him from appreciative readers. OK, they really don’t have that one yet, but I’ve put in a request. ;)

(via TUAW)


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