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Stickam Launches Pay-Per-View Service

Now you can transform those backyard wrestling events into your own Wrestlemania, as Stickam today announced PayPerLive, a new service that lets users charge admission to their livestreamed events.

The service is in beta and currently accepting applications. In the press release the company said it would implement a tiered revenue-sharing program, with Stickam receiving 25 percent of the profits from each user-hosted event. We’ve contacted the company to find out more specifics and will update as we get them.

UPDATE: I spoke with some Stickam reps and they provided a few more details. The beta will initially be open to ten users, and will expand out from there to a hundred and then a thousand and so on until all the details and bugs have been worked out. Stickam will take 25 percent of the ticket price (a little more specific than just “profits”). The company has updated its terms of service in anticipation of the new service which means, sorry, no selling tickets to your live sex show. Adult content is verbotten and Stickam will have support people watching to make sure.

Livestreaming companies are still searching for a business model. NowLive has started partnering with traditional media companies to do red carpet coverage at movie premieres; Ustream has gotten into politics and will be streaming the Republican National Convention; and Justin.TV is reportedly working on a transaction system of its own.

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  1. Interesting that Stickam has ruled out live sex shows – I remember reading that they started out as a live video porn company before switching to their current moping teen in bedroom clientele