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Jaxtr Launches Local VOIP Numbers In India

This is interesting if only because of the volume of calls to India that I do on a daily basis: Jaxtr, a Menlo PArk, CA-based online phone service, has launched local number in India, so people in India can call that local number, and be connected to relative, friends and others abroad (say U.S. or UK). Jaxtr says according to their own research, they are the first such online phone company to offer this service in India…till now other countries like China and others were benefiting fro these cheap calls. The cost: starting at 0.43 INR (43 paisa or 0.01 USD) per minute, but landline and mobile charges to call the Indian jaxtr number also apply. Some more details here…if there are any other such service for India, let is know in comments below.

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  1. Tech Guru

    the way in which it works is that you attach your cell number or land line number. They will give you a local number, which i think are in Hyderabad. You dial that Hyderabad number and that will connect you to your US/UK or any number in the world. You will be able to get one local number for each of your destination number.