BlogHer Gets $5 Million Second Round From Peacock Equity; Partnership With iVillage

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imageBlogHer, the womens ad network, blogging community site and conference organizer, has raised a $5 million second round lead by the Peacock Equity Fund (GE and NBCU), along with past backer Venrock. The company raised an initial round of funding from Venrock last summer. Along with the deal, the company has entered into a strategic partnership with NBCU-owned iVillage, which will give the site access to BlogHer content, as well as promotional opportunities across the BlogHer network. In addition to iVillage, and will be able to draw on select content form the network. Release

Building up Women@NBCU: The arrangement is part of the company’s attempt to build up its female-focused content and ad net Women@NBCU (NSDQ: CMCSA), which was finally released in May after a long preparation. Women@NBCU houses online content and handles ad sales across,, iVillage and Sugar Inc. The network’s first sponsor is Wal-mart.

In the months preceding Women@NBCU’s launch, a number of high profile sites aimed at women began to emerge, most notably Yahoo Shine. The linkage between iVillage and BlogHer is also designed to boost iVillage, which has experienced a number of upheavals over the past several months, including NBCU canceling the iVillage Live TV show after poor ratings performance, and overhauls to the site.

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Ellen Hilburn

Proof is in the blogs. The thing I was happy to hear is they cancel iVillage's Live TV show. To me it seem like some local promotional show for Disney Resorts or some such thing. I found it strange yet still watched it a few times. I think I watched it cause it was purely bad and I was enthralled at how bad it was. It will be interesting to see how this women's centralized blogging world works in the ad age. I hope it flies!

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