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Apple Apologizes For MobileMe Glitches; Offers 30-Day Extension

imageOn Friday, when the iPhone 3G launched around the world, it wasn’t only the phones that had a hard time activating. Users of Apple’s MobileMe service, which is tagged as “exchange for the rest of us” also flopped. When the transition was made from .Mac to, users had a hard time logging in, and when they synced their computers and devices, they got duplicate addresses, or different outcomes. Apple apologized today, saying it will extend subscriptions by 30 days to customers free of charge for their “appreciation for their patience during the transition period….”The transition from .Mac to MobileMe was a lot rockier than we had hoped.” People who were .Mac members as of July 9, and if you created a MobileMe account as of July 15 are eligible. This is a smart customer-service move by Apple (NSDQ: AAPL). A service like MobileMe can create intense loyalty to the company because it manages all of a person’s critical information.