Twitter Buys Summize: Does it Matter?

ScreenshotIf you’re a Twitter user you likely saw the news this morning: Twitter bought Summize. The deal, covered on the business level by our parent blog GigaOm, brings Twitter some more smart engineers and a potential route to monetization. But what does it mean to the average web worker?

Summize – rebranded this morning as Twitter Search – in case you haven’t looked at it, is an excellent search interface for Twitter, letting you easily see what people are talking about. The key goodness for web workers is to use it as a buzz tracker: for example, I’ve got an RSS feed running on Summize results that tell me whenever anyone in the Twittersphere mentions WWD. With this functionality rolling into the core Twitter UI, any web worker in customer service ought to have a Twitter account. Knowing when people are talking about your product or company – and being able to quickly respond – is priceless. That’s the meat for the regular user, whatever the deal ends up meaning on the business level.

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