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Twitter Buys Micro-Blogging Search Site Summize; Reportedly $15M Cash+Stock

imageTwitter announced today that it has officially acquired Summize, according to a post written by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. All five of Summize’s engineers will move to San Francisco and take jobs at Twitter, according to the company. “This is an important step forward in the evolution of Twitter as a service and as a company,” Stone wrote. Summize will help users search Twitter and keep up to date with news real-time (which they have already enabled, as shown above and on their site) — two examples they use is keeping up to date on Mars, and what people are thinking of the new Will Smith movie. As for the details, the company says the Summize service and API will be merged with our own and integrated under the Twitter brand. To get an idea of how search works, it can be checked out at The terms of the deal were not announced, but Silicon Alley Insider is reporting that Twitter paid $15 million in cash and stock. Twitter has received a lot of criticism recently for its ability to handle all of its traffic, but as of recently seems to be making a bit of a turnaround.

2 Responses to “Twitter Buys Micro-Blogging Search Site Summize; Reportedly $15M Cash+Stock”

  1. Keep a sharp lookout on

    moonrise invented the whole idea of posting your feelings last year, and they're working on a way to post your feelings *about things*

    This is a far more focused way to do sentiment mining because other approaches work by trying to match keywords like "I love the iPhone" which is not specifically emotional.

  2. This makes much sense, because Summize offers Sentiment Analysis.

    With Summize Twitter is now a gold mine for Web Data Mining and Web Monitoring.

    Ford could ask Twitter, how their products do. If the people like their new car or not. Ford could pay Twitter to monitor all their products and get alarmed, if the twitter crowds talks bad about a particular auto.

    Twitter + Summize is like ICQ + Nielsen//NetRatings on steroids