Newspaper Roundup: WSJ-Gannett; NY Post-Daily News; Journal Register

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WSJ/Gannett: Just several months ago, hopes were dashed that the’s paywall was going to come down. And a year ago, WSJ raised its newsstand price from $1 to $1.50. Now, Portfolio reports that charge is going up to $2.00 on July 28. While understandable given the rising print costs, Portfolio points out that after the last price increase, WSJ’s average single copy sales dropped roughly 8 percent. Meanwhile, Gannett Blog commenters say that company’s hiking prices on 20 of its papers as well. (via Romensko)

NY Post/NY Daily News: Speaking of the high cost of print, the New York Post and its tabloid rival, the New York Daily News, may be close to burying the hatchet, at least when it comes to dealing with backroom operations. NYT reports News Corp (NYSE: NWS). CEO Rupert Murdoch, who owns the NYP, and Daily News owner Mort Zuckerman, are having “preliminary” talks about combining printing and distribution functions. Separately, the two papers are also negotiating with WSJ, also owned by News Corp., about sharing home delivery services.

Journal Register: It looks like 5 percent shareholder Richard Barone won’t be riding to the publisher’s rescue. In May, he promised to invest another $25 million in the ailing Journal Register (OTCBB: JRCO), but Reuters says he wrote JR CEO James Hill that since the company has not be communicative the past two months, “other investment opportunities” have suddenly come up and he can no longer guarantee his initial offer.

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