Tesla to Open Store in Silicon Valley Next Week


Electric car startup Tesla Motors will open its second store, this one in Silicon Valley, to the public on Tuesday, July 22, the company tells us this morning. Tesla CEO Ze’ev Drori wrote an announcement on the company’s web site this weekend that details the company’s production status and notes that the increased delivery of the Roadster “dovetails with the Grand Opening of our second Tesla store.” The store will be located near Stanford in Menlo Park, Calif., relatively close to its San Carlos, Calif., headquarters.

Just as it does at the company Los Angeles store, Tesla will sell products and offer services, but in addition, the Silicon Valley store will be the “place where all final assembly, tests and preparations are made with each car prior to customers’ delivery,” writes Drori. The company also plans to open stores in New York, Chicago, Miami and Seattle.

Drori says that there are now 27 Roadsters in assembly, with 12 having already arrived in California (they’re arriving in the state at and a rate of four per week). Several weeks ago Tesla said it had moved the manufacturing of its second car, “Model S,” to California.

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