MySpaceTV Eats Into YouTube’s Market Share

Fox Interactive Media took a chunk out of Google and the rest of the competition’s U.S. video views in May, according to comScore. FIM’s major video property is MySpaceTV, while YouTube accounts for 98 percent of Google’s video views.

YouTube usually just grows its share of the pie every month, but in May it dropped to 34.8 percent of video views from 37.9 percent in April. Most every other site on the top 10 dropped as well, but FIM (in second place, as usual) had 6.4 percent of video views, up from 5.1 percent in April.

We’ve asked MySpace to comment on whether they saw similar growth internally. Since these comScore reports are significantly delayed, these numbers are from before MySpaceTV got a major overhaul along with the rest of MySpace in a June redesign.

comScore said total video views grew to 12 billion this month, up 45 percent from a year ago and recovering nicely from a dip in April. And Hulu made its debut on the top 10 list, coming in last place with 88.2 million video views, and falling just short of the video viewer top 10 with 6.8 million viewers. Hulu had already broken into Nielsen’s top 10 video sites in April.