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iPhone 3G: 1 Million Sold

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ScreenshotWell, that didn’t take long. Despite the activation hassles, despite the cost, Apple had a phenomenally successful opening weekend for the iPhone 3G: by Sunday, over 1 million of them had been sold. That’s a lot of phones – and perhaps more than phones: Om Malik argues on our parent GigaOm that the device is important enough to drive broadband demand.

Like our readers, we’re a diverse bunch here at WWD. Some of our staff are already on the iPhone bandwagon, some are happy with other devices, some do 99% of their web work from a fixed location. We’ll continue to bring you iPhone news when it makes sense for web workers, but we’ll also continue to recognize that plenty of web work gets done with other mobile devices, laptops, and plain old desktop computers.

4 Responses to “iPhone 3G: 1 Million Sold”

  1. I was wondering how long it would take for it to hit 1 million. I was lined up at the Apple store in Indianapolis (large city, but not huge) and there were a few hundred people in line ALL DAY. I waited it out and I got mine, so that is all I was worried about. That’s a good question though, Matt. I almost put myself on a wait list at the AT&T store, but then went to the apple store instead.

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  2. I wonder how many of those “sales” counted are like me where money for the iPhone has been taken from our account but no iPhone yet? Would be interesting to know the number of acctivations, as given the policy this time it should be 1 to 1 …