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Google's Developer Videos: From AJAX to OpenSocial

Over the past several days, Google has been busy posting many videos shot at its recent Google I/O and Developer Day events. These were held all around the world, and for anyone involved with not just Google’s tools, but many of the prevalent development tools of the day, they’re worth a look. We’ve been covering some of the ones relevant to open source on Ostatic, and a number of these will be of interest to many types of web workers too.

You can find the video presentations listed by event and country delivered in here. There are also accompanying slides on the various topics, as seen on the right, here.

Google’s AJAX APIs are useful for many people who want to put Gadgets and other UI tools on their web pages. Here’s a discussion with Google’s Derek Collison on how to go about it, and a PDF presentation.

Here’s another video on Google Gears for Mobile. It’s focused on people doing their own mobile applications, for deployment directly to mobile browsers.

You can also find quite a bit of video content pertaining to OpenSocial. These tackle topics such as scaling,  and mashing up applications for MySpace.

By the way, as I’ve been looking through the video presentations from Asia, such as the ones from China,  I’ve noticed that some of the folks introducing the presenters aren’t speaking English in the introductions. The presenters, though, are speaking English.