Tour the Video Home of the Future

Wonder what neat tricks your oldteevee will be up to in the near future? Check out two homes of the future, courtesy of HP and Netgear. I recently had the pleasure of touring each facility and caught all the hot, televised action on video. (I gave the GigaOM readers a sneak-peek, but you know you’re still my favorite.)

First up, Brian Burch, HP’s director of marketing for connected entertainment, took me on a tour of the HP Smart Home, an actual 2,000-square-foot, fully functional house built on the company’s HQ. Check out a demo of the MediaSmart TV and Connect, as well as a teched-out kid’s room that would bring a smile to even the most pouty teenager.

Netgear’s Digital Lifestyle Home isn’t as impressive, mainly because it isn’t a house at all, but rather a big room furnished by IKEA. But Phil Pyo, Netgear’s director of product marketing walked me through his company’s Digital Entertainer set tob box (where you can see how YouTube looks on the big screen) as well as a few other home networking gizmos (think: powerlines).

The only thing these houses of tomorrow are missing? Jetpacks. Lots and lots of jetpacks.